Ios Island Sightseeing

Ios island on its own is something to marvel at. With its traditionally built Town Center, its typical Cycladic artchitectural style houses, its countless churches  and infinite shorelines. Ios island boasts sights from its recent history, such as windmills, modern open theatres and a museum of modern art, which is still under construction.

Ios Island Sightseeing

Ios island does not fall short of sights of archaeological interest. The First Cycladic Settlement on the hills of Skarkos is its most important. In Ios island you can seek for the burial place of Homer, the ancient walls of her city or the scattered ancient buildings incorporated into modern constructions. Ios island has many places for you to visit during your holidays and wont let you get bored from endless hours of just sunbathing, swimming and drinking ouzo!

Archaeological Museum of Ios island

The archaeological museum of Ios island includes a collection of antiquities found on the island during excavations and research done by the Archaeological Association in the last thirty years (most of its items come from the prehistoric settlement of more

The Prehistoric Settlement of Skarkos

At a very short distance from the harbour of Ios island, on a small hill next to the town of Ios, the archaeological hoe brought to the light one of the most important Prehistoric more

The Tomb of Homer

os island is one of the many regions of the Aegean Sea claiming into being the birthplace of the most famous poet of all centuries, Homer. Although the people Ios find reasonable the more

Paleokastro (Old Castle)

Paleokastro sight is found on the Western side of Ios island in a small hill dominating the islands' coasts and offers openhandedly an unhindered view towards Paros island, Naxos more

Odysseas Elytis Theatre

The Odysseas Elytis Theatre in Ios island is an open Ancient Greek type theatre designed by the architect Peter Haupt, who apart from being a professor of Architecture at the University of more

The Churches of Ios island

It does not constitute originality for the Cycladic islands having loads of churches, but the churches in Ios island are worth taking a look at during your holidays, since it is a characteristic of the Town of Ios being covered from top to bottom by small and large churches. They stand still amongst the small roads more

Virgin Mary of Gremniotissa Church

The church of Virgin Mary of Gremniotissa dominates tally on top of the Town of Ios island with its palm tree in its courtyard. From the church of Virgin Mary of Gremniotissa the more

The Windmills of Ios island

On the righthand side of the Town of Ios at a place where certainly the wind blows hard one can find the sight of the windmills of Ios more

The Rock Formations of Ios island

The island of Ios is dominated by rocks and stones. Not something rare for an island of the Cyclades. Even if Ios island does not have the volcanic rock formations of islands such more