Archaeological Museum of Ios Island

The small archaeological museum of Ios island can be found inside the Town of Ios and is housed inside a beatiful neoclassical building, the Amiradakio Megaro.

The archaeological museum of Ios island includes a collection of antiquities found on the island during excavations and research done by the Archaeological Association in the last thirty years (most of its items come from the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos and the ancient city of the Town Centre).

It also includes the old archaeological collection of the island of Ios founded by Mayor Fragkoulis Kortesis back in 1904, who managed to keep the traditions and offer donations thus rescuing important elements of the archaeological heritage of the island. Most interesting sections from the archaeological museum of Ios are the prehistoric discoveries, the ancient signs of the old city and two impressive burial-offering columns.

Archaeological museum of Ios island, City Town of Ios

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